Hello , I'm Chenoa
-Ballroom Dancer'
-Dangerous situations
-College kid
-Hopeless Dreamer
Its that time again :Indebted to you i love you

Life is never perfect , in some form or way you find this silver lining 

You find out life isnt supposed to be a perfect path of rules to walk to have a good life or become everything you need to , you need to walk atray from the path to become 

Im in a rut , stuck in a place (Morris) AKA , where i dont feel like me and feel alone with out anyone 

When i go to dance class or my old work , or up to oaklawn i feel so much love and care its over whelming & such humility, you think no one could ever love me but then you find people who dont even owe you shit and they ask about you , love you , care about , want everything for you

fixing my car, asking about my dancing or school , want to support me and watch me grow as a person and they think i deserve so much when i put myself at such a low level of i think i deserve nothing

they make me want to work harder and give me this rush of happiness that personally i cannot even handle

going home is always bitter sweet , my life is here and i let the car ride home just settle into me sitting on my bed in pure silence for an hour or two when i get home and just reach this sadness but then remember its always there waiting for me to come back to enjoy it again

its over dramatic but every hug i get from my family and friends family i just want to cry , every dance lesson i just want to cry 

i dont really know how to handle happiness when it hits me im so used to numb doing what i have to do that when i have something so amazing its hard to take in 


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